Iceland and picnic dreams

We are flying Vancouver to Paris via Iceland.  It's efficient, and we can say we've been to Iceland, even if only for a couple of hours.

Here's what I know about Iceland.  
Information regarding Iceland from my brain:___________________________.

Am I going to find out more?  Not likely. Because I don't care?  No, not at all.   Because I won't make it out of the airport?  Bingo. 
One day.  Maybe even one day soon, I would like to go to Iceland for the sake of Iceland.  But this trip is scratching the surface of France, and delving a little more deeply into Italy.  
We will be in Paris for the first few days, then we'll be getting our rental van the day we leave to address points Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley and Provence/Riviera before we fly from Nice to Rome. 
I purchased a little picnic lunch pack yesterday.  In my romantic idealism about France, we will picnic, and and icepack and a place for cheese to reside would be a good idea. It's big enough to…

strategy meeting with Prosecco

It was a particularly French afternoon in our back yard Sunday.  Being sunny and eating out of doors and even though the bubbly was Italian, it felt very French.   If you know what I mean.
Joining us on the France portion of our adventure is this gal, here with my Sparky:

Sister to Sparky and Aunt Extraordinaire, fluent in French (thank God for small miracles) and fluent in fun, the main reason we expect great things from our travelling companion.  Prosecco required for planning purposes.  Read the riot act, decided some strategies and nailed down a few details that need attending to prior to departure. 

project 333, working for the win

So for the last nearly three months, I've been working on Project 333 which has been fun and interesting and a highly recommended way to simplify your life.

Just one more path to simpler.

Upside of 333 at this time of my life, we are leaving on a trip and I am acutely aware of how very little I need.

I've always travelled light, and now I'm even lightening up from the usual, because at the bottom of the suitcase, there are always a couple of unworn items.

Here's the plan.

Four weeks.  Two skirts, wear one.  One pair palazzo pants. One dress.
Five tops.  Two cardigans.  Light jacket.

Shoes, as always, pose the very biggest problem.  I've settled on three pairs.  Gaah.  I wish I could cut it down to two.  But no can do.  It hurts too much.  And I would experience Europe with regrets.  And we definitely don't want that.

We are each taking a bare bones carry on, and sharing one checked bag.  Our carry ons are basically small suitcases that have backpack straps …

gelato is real

So, in honour of our pending trip to France and Italy, I have invented (I might even say, "perfected") Vitamix gelato.

I share it with you here:

Step 1:  get a Vitamix.
Step 2: crack six eggs and put the yolks in your Vitamix, make meringue or throw away the whites, I don't care at all.
Step 3: whir the egg yolks in your Vitamix for 5-10 min. or until you are confident they are cooked.
Step 4:  Add sugar to the egg yolks while whirring.  Enough to make them sweet. Could be honey or maple syrup.  I don't mind.
Step 5:  Add half and half to your egg yolk, sugar mixture while whirring away.  Maybe about two cups.  At this point, you will need to put the lid on the Vitamix.   For splashing reasons.
Step 6:  Start adding frozen fruit  a little at a time.  Like strawberries or blueberries or mango.
Step 7:  Keep adding frozen fruit until your mixture is VERY thick, so that your Vitamix makes that "I can't handle any more" noise, and you have to stick your Vitami…

just getting ready

For the purpose of our up and coming trip, I'm creating this blog as my online journal.  I'm doing it now because I'm SO excited.

We are going to France for about two weeks, and Italy for about two weeks.

Because I’ve never been to France, it’s mythical.  I have been to Italy, so I know it’s really there, and shaped like a boot, I saw from the airplane.  It was ridiculous.

Here’s an up to date picture of my kids:

The Youngest Four are coming with us to Europe.  If they behave themselves in the next three weeks.  The adult women get to be married, so they are not coming with us.  
So, The Professor (not his real name), Chicken Whisperer (also not his real name) and Silas (also not his real name) are coming with us along with Baby Rosebud who is nearly 13.  And is not named Baby or Rosebud.